Went to the cave in Tlemcen it was so surreal! It looked like it was all animated and thr ceiling looked like upside down islands and forest ♥ miss algeria #tlemcen #algeria #cave
New items up on sale on my @depop account my username: nabiilabee

Clearing out my closet as I have way too many clothes! More stuff up once I get my laptoo back
Home sweet home. Alhamdulillah got home all safe. Now I just need a hot bath and my bed ♥ #bedroom #interior #jewellery #blogger #home
Obsessing over one of my vintage purchases in Algeria ♥ necklace is from @arabianjewellery which has my name in arabic.
I will be clearing out my closet in a few days inshallah (on depop) @nabiilabee #vintage #shirt #arabic #calligraphy #nabiilabee #nabilabee #jewellery #personalised #algeria #tiles #islamicpatterns
Last few hours in Algeria now I’m so sad to leave! :’( but anyway please make dua we have a safe journey. I’ll be in Spain for a few days ♡
Last day in algeria :’( can’t believe the summer’s almost over. Had such an amazing time here ♥ Alhamdulillah, can’t wait to come back. 
Will be in England sometime next week inshallah till then beauties
 #algeria #tlemcen #nabiilabee #summer #hijabfashion #islamicart
Ive barely been wearing makeup in algeria but the few times I did I only wore bb cream mascara and bronzer. 
My all time favourite bb cream is this dior one in shade 002 its so amazing!  Everything about it is amazing ♥ its everything you want a light coverage foundation to do #doir #bbcream #makeup #diormakeup
Throwback to Algeria 2010 ♥ How time flies! #throwback #algeria #amiinabee #babyfashion #algerian #algeria #football
One of the most amazing girls I’ve met in Algeria ♥ @khadijaboug Such a shame we live so far from each other but its so lovely spending the summer with you. Can’t wait to come back again :) And thank you for everything ♡ now its your turn to come to england #wahran #oran #algeria #algerian #friends
The other day in Oran met met some lovely fans ♡ one of them was from Birmingham was so weird but nice :D #algeria #oran
I was tagged by the lovely @salmaanellaa to do the 20 facts about me Tag. (But only did 15)
So here goes 
☆ I study fashion design BAHons at uni
☆ in my final year
☆ obsessed with vampire diaries & doctor who 
☆ I’m really short 5’1 
☆ I’m a hoarder I have 5 wardrobes of clothes, shoes, bags everything! 
☆ I watch ALOT of american tv series
☆ my birthdays on the 29th October 1993
☆ I’m a night person and struggle with insomnia
☆ I was Born in Russia (kyrgyzstan) 
☆ I started youtubing in 2011 february
☆ and blogging in 2010
☆ I have 2 little brothers and one little sister
☆ I love Sea food
☆ I don’t have a favourite colour
☆ I used to be really punky in school
Yesterday in oran at one of my favourite monuments ♥ omg Oran has the most Amazing ice cream ever! Like seriously I can’t stop going on about it. If your from Oran your soo lucky! Its from a place called ‘bac 2 glace’ I would live there just for the ice cream ♥ haha. 

Still Got a few more vlogs to edit and upload for you guys
#oran #ootd #islamicart #algeria
New video now up on my channel www.youtube.com/nabiilabee 
Link in my bio :) #hijabtutorial #hijab #summer #nabiilabee #square #scarf #algeria