Last few hours in Algeria now I’m so sad to leave! :’( but anyway please make dua we have a safe journey. I’ll be in Spain for a few days ♡
Last day in algeria :’( can’t believe the summer’s almost over. Had such an amazing time here ♥ Alhamdulillah, can’t wait to come back. 
Will be in England sometime next week inshallah till then beauties
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Ive barely been wearing makeup in algeria but the few times I did I only wore bb cream mascara and bronzer. 
My all time favourite bb cream is this dior one in shade 002 its so amazing!  Everything about it is amazing ♥ its everything you want a light coverage foundation to do #doir #bbcream #makeup #diormakeup
Throwback to Algeria 2010 ♥ How time flies! #throwback #algeria #amiinabee #babyfashion #algerian #algeria #football
One of the most amazing girls I’ve met in Algeria ♥ @khadijaboug Such a shame we live so far from each other but its so lovely spending the summer with you. Can’t wait to come back again :) And thank you for everything ♡ now its your turn to come to england #wahran #oran #algeria #algerian #friends
The other day in Oran met met some lovely fans ♡ one of them was from Birmingham was so weird but nice :D #algeria #oran
I was tagged by the lovely @salmaanellaa to do the 20 facts about me Tag. (But only did 15)
So here goes 
☆ I study fashion design BAHons at uni
☆ in my final year
☆ obsessed with vampire diaries & doctor who 
☆ I’m really short 5’1 
☆ I’m a hoarder I have 5 wardrobes of clothes, shoes, bags everything! 
☆ I watch ALOT of american tv series
☆ my birthdays on the 29th October 1993
☆ I’m a night person and struggle with insomnia
☆ I was Born in Russia (kyrgyzstan) 
☆ I started youtubing in 2011 february
☆ and blogging in 2010
☆ I have 2 little brothers and one little sister
☆ I love Sea food
☆ I don’t have a favourite colour
☆ I used to be really punky in school
Yesterday in oran at one of my favourite monuments ♥ omg Oran has the most Amazing ice cream ever! Like seriously I can’t stop going on about it. If your from Oran your soo lucky! Its from a place called ‘bac 2 glace’ I would live there just for the ice cream ♥ haha. 

Still Got a few more vlogs to edit and upload for you guys
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New video now up on my channel 
Link in my bio :) #hijabtutorial #hijab #summer #nabiilabee #square #scarf #algeria
Outfit details ♥ thank you so much for the clutch @imeneshetae 
Was in Oran today with @khadijaboug for the last time before I leave algeria this week. Had such an amazing time and thank you so much beautiful ♥ can’t wait to see you again soon inshallah 
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"Just remember when you’re ignoring her, you’re teaching her to live without you."
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I’ve been struggling to find a face wash for my dry skin for a long time as anything that foams only makes me break out more and drys out my skin.
I saw another blogger recommend this (fleur I think) and it works so well with my skin! I use it with my no7 face brush (clarasonic mia dupe) daily. 

Highly recommend this for anyone that has dry skin. From the bodyshop. Also the teatree in it has helped alot with breakouts ♥ 
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Wearing butterfly abaya from @themoonboutik & necklace from @wandering_nomad

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